Hello There. I'm Glenn A UI/UX Designer From Bedfordshire Welcome To My Portfolio.

About Me

I am a UK based UI/UX Designer with over 6 years experience. During this time I have worked on a variety of different projects from small startup companies, to large organisations. I believe in designing compelling websites, beautiful interfaces and captivating brands.

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I'm Specialised in

Creating Visuals

All well thought out plans and ideas have to start with a concept. Visuals are a fundamental part of any Web project

Designing Interfaces

One of my main skills is UI Design, interface design is hugely important part of the product. The right UI Design will give you success.

User Journey Modelling

Whats the point of an application that looks good but the user's goals aren't thought about? How is the user going to get from one place to another?

Building Products

Building products really comes down to two things, understanding the company and of course it's clients. It's about breaking down complex processes and journey to achieve success.


Communication is very important, weather your liasing with the client or working with a Developer. Communicating is always at the centre of building relationships.

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